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The Veggie-Oil Powered Truck Project

This is my old Dodge truck— a 1995 Ram 2500 with the 5.9L Cummins diesel engine. What’s so special about it? Well aside from the fact that this truck made me fall in love with the elegant simplicity of diesel engines — especially the older, noisier, all-mechanical ones — it also happens to be capable of running on vegetable oil that was once used in the fryers at a nearby restaurant. That’s right, it will run on straight waste vegetable oil… soybean oil to be specific.

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I’ve Been Using My SteamOS Box To Play… Uh… Nintendo Games.

Originally featured on KBMOD.com

I’ve ranted before about how non-open SteamOS is in practice, even though it’s built on an open-source OS. Well, fortunately, some clever hackers have found ways to customize the gaming-centric operating system, making it one of the better choices for a general-purpose big screen user interface… especially if you are like me and love your retro gaming as much as your modern gaming.

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