Suitcase computer build

Posted June 14, 2010 @ 3:28 pm | Filed under: The Workbench

A few months ago, I built a computer into an old suitcase from a thrift store. My documentation of the process is a bit sketchy, but here is what I could piece together for a description of the project:

  1. First, I ordered some nice components from NewEgg.  Here’s what I got:
    • Intel DG45ID multimedia motherboard.  I wasn’t interested in building a super-duper powerful workstation, and I didn’t want to get a separate video card.  So I went with this mobo because it has a decent on-board Intel video chipset; Even though Intel has had some spotty Linux driver support in the past, the drivers are open-source so they’ll tend to improve with time and with community contributions.  Plus it has an HDMI output, which could have cool potential.  Giant video iPod -slash- portable console emulator anyone?
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Some classical guitar tunes

Posted June 11, 2010 @ 8:21 pm | Filed under: Soundblogs

Here are some songs I recorded for Beth’s birthday a few years ago. (This is pretty much the only remaining evidence that I ever studied classical guitar…)

  • Bouree
    (J.S Bach)
    Audio MP3
  • Valse Venezolano No. 4
    (Antonio Lauro)
    Audio MP3
  • Legend Of Zelda Theme
    (Koji Kondo)
    Audio MP3
  • Prelude 1
    (Heitor Villa-Lobos)
    Audio MP3
  • Storybook Love
    (Willy DeVille)
    Audio MP3
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Blacktown Photos

Posted June 10, 2010 @ 8:50 am | Filed under: High Fidelity,The Workbench

Since the old Blacktown Sound Labs web site featured pictures of the studio prominently, I never posted a blog with those pictures.  But now they don’t have a home on this site, so I figured I’d post them so there’s still a photographic record of the Blacktown setup.  Plus I threw in the Blacktown Sound Labs logo for good measure.

Migration complete, welcome to OA.o

Posted June 9, 2010 @ 10:11 am | Filed under: Reflections

Now that Blacktown Sound Labs (as a recording studio) is naught but a legacy, I figured it was time to build a new web site for future endeavors. Well, you’re looking at it: I don’t even know if I’ll call my recording services Obsolete Audio (or anything at all, for that matter)… But I thought it was an acceptable name for a web site.

So this is going to be more than just a web site for audio production projects, it’s going to be a collecting place for music, software development, design, photography, DIY-ism, and other random/sundry subjects.  And I’d like to eventually invite some friends who are interested in the same sorts of things to blog here also, or have their existing blog aggregated.

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What’s the haps, chaps?

Posted March 3, 2010 @ 11:55 am | Filed under: Reflections

So I thought I’d let everyone (all 5 of you) know what’s officially going on around here.

First, some background.  Some of you may know that two of my good friends, Josh Milligan and Bill Smith, moved back up to Pennsylvania from Texas, to “return to their roots” as it were. This was undoubtedly a really tough move for them, because Austin is a rather amazing city. So there must be something about PA that they like a lot… I think I know what it is: it’s not their families, it not their friends, though those things contributed to their decision.  No… it’s the hills. I know because I feel it too. Few things make me appreciate God’s creativity and providence more than driving east on I-80 into the Appalachians. As soon as the weather breaks, I know we’ll be hiking and biking out there a ton.

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