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Crawling in the Dungeon

[Note: this was edited from an e-mail I sent to my brother-in-law, which I thought deserved some space on the blog since I haven’t talked about games much on here yet.]

I’ve been poking around on the internet for the last couple days, looking into a genre of game called Roguelike, a.k.a. dungeon crawlers.  These games seem to be sort of the precursor to modern RPGs and are largely inspired by Dungeons & Dragons (a role-playing board game).  They have a few defining characteristics:  Randomly created dungeons for maximum replayability value, permanent death (i.e., you can save your game as often as you want but once your character is dead, that’s it), and turn-based play.  I’m not really qualified to do a full-on review of them because I’m just messing around (and I’m not very experienced in terms of RPGs), but I thought I’d throw out some links if anyone wanted to try any of them out. We’re talking super old-school here… the simpler ones (graphically) require some imagination but seem like they could be pretty cool once you’re used to them– and the purists say the DOS-style graphics are the only way to go.  Most of them are keyboard-controlled so if there’s a built-in tutorial or instructions I recommend going through them to learn the shortcuts.

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