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Posts containing noise I’ve made and pulse-code-modulated into a series of ones and zeroes.

Getting Into Trackers

I’ve been wanting to get back into writing music more regularly, and to that end I’m exploring a particular type of music composition tool called a tracker. It’s about as close as you can get to writing music by editing a text file. Actually come to think of it, you can do that… maybe I’ll try that someday.

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Reverse, a one-night electronical diddy

Here’s a little 1-minute tune that I wrote in an evening, originally for a friend who wanted something for a film soundtrack. He asked for it to be just over 3 minutes long, and focus on “reverse” elements so I threw in some reverse drums and backwards guitar tracks. The whole song is kind of an almost-palindrome as well: the melodies from the second half are reversed versions of those from the first half. I never did feel like it was finished, especially the louder section in the middle, but “Oh,” as they say, “well.”

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