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The Workbench

Check out what’s been on the occasionally-proverbial workbench lately.

Planting a Garden

This is a new type of “project” for me: planting a garden. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now since I have a bit of land of my own, and finally it’s come to fruition.

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Sump pump installation

To combat the mostly-minor water accumulation trouble in the basement where the studio is being built, we decided to put in a sump pump. This wasn’t a minor undertaking by any stretch, and I don’t recommend doing it unless you absolutely need it or you love annoying dirty projects. For us, it was the former: there’s no way we could take a chance with water accumulation being a problem in the studio. The sump will keep the water level well below the basement floor at all times so we don’t get water leaking up through the cracks.

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More studio construction fun

Finally after a several-month-long break, we got a little more studio work done. Some of the glass block windows are in, the inter-room double-pane window is installed, the insulation is up, a lot more wiring is done, a ventilation system is in place, and a lot of beer has found its final rest. I’ll just let the images speak for themselves:

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Little Bit Of Real Studio Progress

So after a period of relative inactivity on the sound production front, a new studio is finally in the works. With the help of the rest of the YLS crew and input from our friend / sound production genius Darren Morton, it will be done right. We hope.

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