**** obsolete.audio ****

Migration complete, welcome to OA.o

Now that Blacktown Sound Labs (as a recording studio) is naught but a legacy, I figured it was time to build a new web site for future endeavors. Well, you’re looking at it: ObsoleteAudio.org. I don’t even know if I’ll call my recording services Obsolete Audio (or anything at all, for that matter)… But I thought it was an acceptable name for a web site.

So this is going to be more than just a web site for audio production projects, it’s going to be a collecting place for music, software development, design, photography, DIY-ism, and other random/sundry subjects.  And I’d like to eventually invite some friends who are interested in the same sorts of things to blog here also, or have their existing blog aggregated.

Just FYI on a personal note:  A couple of months ago, I moved all of my belongings (recording gear, bins full of old video games and 70s clothes, and other useless garbage) out of the Lewis’s school house in Blacktown, and into a storage unit to save up a bit of cash.  I am currently in the process of purchasing a house, where YLS and other musical experiments will flourish, and many parties in the Farmhouse tradition will occur.

That’s all there is, have a good day.