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Little Bit Of Real Studio Progress

So after a period of relative inactivity on the sound production front, a new studio is finally in the works. With the help of the rest of the YLS crew and input from our friend / sound production genius Darren Morton, it will be done right. We hope.

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A few years ago, I purchased a Muse Receptor for use with my band. I’d consider myself somewhat of an early atopter.. I was fortunate enough to have an idea for the band’s live setup (namely, a hardware box that ran software synths) that someone had already implemented. I enjoyed using it for a couple years, though it tended to be not the most reliable piece of equiment ever.

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Antique Radio Computer Build

Over the course of the past six months or so, I’ve been working on rebuilding an antique stand-up radio console as a gift for my girlfriend. Here’s a quick rundown of the process:

Hardware setup