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Update on BSL services

[Edit: Shortly after writing this post, I removed the “services” page altogether, as well as the “contact” page. I’ve now shifted my direction completely away from commercial recording, and back towards music. This doesn’t mean I’m done recording or I’ll sell off my gear, though — it just means that the Sound Lab is officially a “community project studio”. I’m no longer seeking any sort of commercial gain from the place. Though if you’ve previously booked time to record here, those arrangements are still on.]


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Reverse, a one-night electronical diddy

Here’s a little 1-minute tune that I wrote in an evening, originally for a friend who wanted something for a film soundtrack. He asked for it to be just over 3 minutes long, and focus on “reverse” elements so I threw in some reverse drums and backwards guitar tracks. The whole song is kind of an almost-palindrome as well: the melodies from the second half are reversed versions of those from the first half. I never did feel like it was finished, especially the louder section in the middle, but “Oh,” as they say, “well.”

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