Recent Recording Shenanigans

It's been a while since I updated the blog with news of what's been actually going on here. So here goes:

We recently finished up a 6-song EP with some friends in a group called Edhoculi... It came out very well, and I did a rough "mastering" job which may have left the final version a bit bright (such is the risk of mastering at a studio not qualified to do so). They've spoken of possibly putting the recording out on vinyl however (which would rock), in which case it would need to be remastered anyway... I'm hoping they pursue that. Check them out:

  1. Edhochuli - Cool Dog

On somewhat short notice, we did a song for Kellie Lynne's recently-released album. She's a country/rock/pop artist from the area, and her bassist Bryan is a good friend of mine. Rumor has it that her parents like the recording quality... so have a listen here:

  1. Kelly Lynne - Real Men Gone

Another project that will hopefully recur, is recording short-film music tracks for Brendan Perry, a local musician and filmmaker. We've done two sessions so far and it's been a blast each time... basically he shows up with a premise/outline for the film, calls up a bunch of random musicians, and we all jam until we've hit all the points on his outline. Some very strange and/or very cool sounds have resulted. This process forms the premise for a possible series of ongoing projects... "Sound Jams". I'd like to try to organize a Sound Jam once a month or so. If I can afford to heat the place this winter, that is.

There has also been work done on some more long-term projects with A Voice Like Rhetoric and Hand Drawn Mountains, which I'll divulge details about later (once the recordings are finished up), as well as some one-day sessions with other local musicians and friends. Judging by the length of time it's been since I was able to do laundry, I'd say we've been busy.

Plans for this week: A furnace, and maybe finally retrieval of the Hammond B2.

Modified Tuesday, May 09, 2023